Mass-RI Veterinary ER

477 Milford Rd
Swansea, MA 02777


Frequently Asked Questions


1. What are the Emergency Hospital hours?

    Our hospital is open 24 hours a day, 7 days per week, including holidays.


2. Is there always a doctor there, or is one just on call?

    There is ALWAYS a doctor and at least two technicians on duty at all times.


3. Do I need to have an appointment?

     No, all patients are seen on a walk-in basis. However, if you call in advance it may better prepare

     us to set up for your specific emergency situation and may decrease wait times.


4. How much will this cost?

     The emergency examination fee is $95 from 8am to midnight and $110 midnight to 8am. Diagnostic

      testing and treatments are additional. If the doctor wishes to admit your pet to the hospital, you

      will be provided with a written treatment plan and an approximation of cost. You will then be

      required to leave a deposit based on the total.


5.What do I get for the $95?

      What you are purchasing with the exam fee is a physical examination by a licensed emergency

      veterinarian and a consultation about the different processes that may be causing your pet's

      illness. During this consultation the doctor will discuss any additional diagnostics

      recommended and a possible treament plan.


6. What forms of payment do you accept?

     Cash, Check, Mastercard, Visa, Discover, American Express and Care Credit


8. Can I make payments?   

      No.  Our hospital is not funded by any government agency.  We rely solely on the fees that

      we must charge in order to remain a service to the community.  As such, to keep fees as low

      as possible, we respectfully request that the majority of fees be paid up front prior to treatment

      being rendered.  There will likely be a balance due when your pet is discharged, which we will

      collect at the time you pick up your pet.  


9. How is emergency care different from regular veterinary care?

      Emergency care is available when your family veterinary clinic is not open or primary

      veterinarian refers your pet to us for critical care. Our 24-hour emergency hospital allows

      for intensive care by specially trained staff with state-of-the-art equipment.  Our emergency

      hospital, however, cannot replace the historical knowledge and valued relationship you have with

      your family veterinarian. After initial treatment at our emergency hospital, we make every effort

      to discharge your pet back into the care of your family veterinarian.


10. Will my primary veterinarian be updated on my pet?

      Yes. One of our obligations as an emergency practice is to remain in close communication with

      your family veterinarian. We recognize that you may have a long and trusting relationship with

      your family veterinarian and that she or he may provide essential insight into the medical

      management of your pet's condition. Our goal is to work closely with your family veterinarian

      as a team of professionals overseeing the care of your pet.


11. Can I visit while my pet is in the hospital?

      Yes.  Our visitation policy is designed to protect the safety and health of our patients.  As such,

      we request that you call before visiting.  If the hospital treatment area is busy or procedures are

      being performed, visitation in the treatment area will not be allowed. Visiting hours are between 

      11am and 10pm. Only pet owners or authorized representatives are allowed to visit.


12. Why are you more expensive than my veterinarian?

       Emergency care is available at times when regular veterinary hospitals are not open. Just like

       a human emergency room or trauma center, a modern veterinary emergency and specialty

       hospital requires more extensive equipment than what is found in a typical practice. As an 

       emergency practice requires immediate blood and other test results, our hospital has also 

       invested in an extensive on-site laboratory. In addition, operating an emergency hospital

       requires a highly trained staff of doctors and nurses working long and difficult



13. Do you board pets?

      No, we are not zoned for routine boarding. We can "Medically Board" patients with

      illnesses requiring medical treatment during their stay (i.e. diabetics receiving insulin, renal

      failure patients on subcutaneous fluids, etc).