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This is a  list of websites that our veterinarians here at Mass-RI Veterinary ER have found to have generally reliable, current, pet health and disease information. While not inclusive, this will help you avoid sites with misleading or inaccurate information. In general, look for articles written by veterinary universities, professional veterinary organizations, and reputable large veterinary referral hospitals. Use caution with any websites that have a commercial purpose or ones that make unrealistic promises. Individual testimonials are not useful - they are frequently medically inaccurate and will not be able to address the specific complexities of your own pet's condition.


General Information:



Emergency and Critical Care:






Grief and Loss:



Pet Financial Assistance:



Pet Insurance: Please Note: We do not endorse one particular company. Pet insurance is becoming more common, new providers enter the field regularly. Make sure to compare policy specifics, exclusions, states the plan is accepted in, plan levels and supplemental coverages before buying a policy.



Oncology/ Cancer: