Mass-RI Veterinary ER

477 Milford Rd
Swansea, MA 02777





Phone Calls and Visitation


The following hospital policies are designed to optimize the staff's time dedicated to each patient. 


1. Limit calls to twice daily.  We request that each family select one primary contact person.  The veterinarian will speak with the contact person once daily in order to give an update.  We ask for your patience and understanding if the veterinarian is unable to speak to you at the time of your call.


Please note:  The veterinarian will call the contact person immediately if there are any changes in your pet's condition.


Kindly do not call for an update until after 11:00am. 


2. Limit visits to once daily.  Visitations are allowed 11am to 10pm.  Please contact the hospital prior to your visit. Visits should be limited to 20 minutes, as patients receive regular medical treatments during their hospitalization. 


3. Discharges must be scheduled by a veterinarian or a technician.